I'm Not A Cowboy.
I'm A Deerboy.
It was the summer of 2014. Ronnie Dunn opened for a George Strait concert, and I couldn't help but notice a tattoo on Ronnie's arm. "COWBOY" was printed boldly in ink. Amid the sea of wide-rimmed cowboy hats, I told my wife, "I'm not a cowboy. I'm a DEERBOY!" In that moment the term was born - even though I've lived it my whole life.
I grew up in Miami, Florida with whitetail antlers on practically every wall of the house. My father allowed me to tag along every hunt, and I longed for each trip to the cattle ranches in Central Florida or the plantations of South Georgia. As I grew into the man I am today, my passion for whitetails grew, as well.
And finally, hunting, scouting, managing, shed hunting, cooking venison, and everything else I love about deer is defined in a single word.
A DEERBOY is a patriotic, God-fearing, deer chasing, country boy - and even country girl. It's someone who's in constant pursuit, whether it's in the field or serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There are millions of us across the country who share this lifestyle. So let's wear our passion. Display it proudly. DEERBOY!

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